Crystal Coffin

October 9, 2011
By KeepMeQuiet BRONZE, Cape Ray, Other
KeepMeQuiet BRONZE, Cape Ray, Other
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It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.

I hide within my clandestine temple-
it’s here where no one can see me rot.
Maggoty flesh peeling inside my glass coffin-
if only this pain could simply be forgot.

But the pain will continue – oh yes that’s just my luck,
And in this glass coffin – I’ll forever be stuck-
inside my hidden temple of ice – a hidden shrine to pain,
that hides this cynical bas**** who can’t be slain.

Black hearted, black eyed, beaten spirit and soul-
left to rot – in a prison of glass, never again to be whole.
Whimpering in agony, screaming for relief,
lost to all consciousness, void of all belief.

Though not blind to the moment. Time! How mundane!
Though I am sentenced to a stoic mindset, as I slowly go insane.
The parasites are carving, festering chasms in my brain-
but still, my life will never fully drain.

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