You Are...

April 2, 2008
By Jeffrey Williams, St.louis, MO

You are the sun in my morning.
The flower in my garden. you make my days not so boring.
Our love for each other will harden.
You are the breakfast on my plate.
You will be there...
You are never lat.
You are my milk to my cereal, you are so bold.
Me and you together, that can never get old.
You are so bright.
You are my light.
You are the stars in my night.
You make me see the big picture, that's why I know me and you are so right.
You are my soul.
You are my bedtime stories.
Please come back so we can be a whole.
I promise I will tell no more stories.
I was wrong.
I miss it when you sing me our little song.
Because without you there is no reason for the sun are the starlight.
Or even morning or night.
Come back into my life.
So we can be husband and wife....

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