Lying Reflection

October 8, 2011
By Evellen GOLD, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Evellen GOLD, Cheyenne, Wyoming
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- Scott Adams

Long ago I got a letter
from my reflection in the mirror.
It told me of wonderful dreams,
of how it could almost touch the stars,
and that one day I would blaze a path.
That soon everything would be crystal

clear. But it lied that crystal,
the words in the letter
were untrue, my path
was fog covered in the mirror,
and wishing on stars
wasn't getting me anywhere. Say good bye to my dreams.

I hope mine weren't the only dreams
that ended. The path ahead was not crystal
clear and the stars
did not shine. Every letter
I got was a broken promise in a shattered mirror.
and a different path

to take. But which path
to follow? My long fought for dreams
were cut open by shards of a broken mirror,
that sparkled like crystal
buried in the ground. Each letter
a warning not to reach for the stars.

But I reached for those stars
anyways. I tried to follow the path
I chose. I took that stupid letters
advice and went after my dreams.
That fortune telling crystal,
it fooled me into thinking my refection in the mirror

was right. But looking at the broken pieces of that mirror
I saw that when I reached for the stars
they were too far, my path
was not what I once thought it was, and my dreams
too big to dream. My reflection lied to me in that letter.

Long ago I got a letter from my reflection in the mirror.
It lied about my dreams and how I should reach for the stars.
It lied about how my path was crystal clear.

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