April 2, 2008
By harmony gedde, Roswell, NM

you said you were okay
but i see past the painted smile.

you act depressed,
thinking its the only
way i will pay attention.

the games you play with your life
only make it worse.
can't you see i want you here?

you called me to tell me goodbye,
that you were going to try and try again,
until you suceeded in ending
your life at te age of 14.

i pleaded with you
but you ignored me although you were
crying also.

you didn't suceed in ending your life, so you turned to your next option.
i tried to change your mind,
telling you drugs aren't the answer.
but you blew me off.
like a fragile leaf blowing in autumn.

now you expect me to take you back.
i will,
but you will have to try harder
to do whats right.

and this time you can't leave me
standing here wondering,

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