Dark of the Night

October 8, 2011
By Anonymous

No stars inhabit the sky where I gaze
No light shall reach mine eyes 
Shroud of darkness forever will amaze
Black as coal be the skies

Where is he who should set the world ablaze
He who can shake the ground
With a mighty bellow, shall clear the haze
Heaven's almighty sound

No shades of gray pervade the pitch-dark night
Obsidian wall be there
Dreams and hopes never shall again take flight
Throughout the sin-thick air

Souls forever underneath veils so black
Wish to take to the sky
Only wings, will they always be of lack
The wings to fly on high

My heart it longs for the light it has lost
A cruel day long ago
When death be laid on all men's heads like frost
A massacre for show

What war did we win when upon their hearts
There be a cut so deep
That never again will love hope to start
Only for doubt to seep

Angels fall as heavens be ripped apart
War shall ravish the earth
The taste of vict'ry never was so tart
Than at a demon's birth

The author's comments:
This piece was the product of a semi-concious brain. I had no intention of sitting down and writing a poem like this. As a matter of fact I was surprised when I looked down at the paper and read what I had written. My own words frightened me a bit. I put it away for awhile, but couldn't stop thinking about it. My family has taken a few hard hits lately in sickness and death. I'm was very good at keeping my feelings hidden, apparently even from myself. I suppose what I would like to say is that real poetry can't be planned, real poetry is (as corny as this may sound) the voice that your heart never had.

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