October 6, 2011
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Broken hearts broken dreams
Broken love broken teens
You and I we were perfect
The chemistry flowing between us like a circuit
I remember your smile every time you see me
Your face would just lit up with glee
Your eyes would brighten up like a star
Every time I looked at you I never forget who you are
The energy we had we were like two powerful batteries
It felt like the lighten struck straight through our bodies
We were opposites from two different worlds
A Leo boy and an Aquarius girl
We had that physical attraction and we instantly clicked
Like two peas in a pod and we loved it
We became boyfriend and girlfriend and we were happy
But the sad time came so fast and I’ll never forget it
I can’t believe that you would do this to me
In my head I thought we were meant to be
But I guess I was wrong, wrong about every thing
I guess this was just another summer fling
I love u so much that it goes deep in my soul
What I feel for you only god knows
But why please tell me what’s on your mind
I didn’t saw this coming not even a sign
Everything was going so swell
But out of nowhere we just fell
Now I sit here in this moment of silence
Listening to my heart beat felling like crying
Looking back on the passion we had
When we were together now it’s all sad
Now I’m sitting here wanting to erase
Of how you hurt me and put tears on my face
But all the pain inside still can’t keep me from what I have to say
That I still love you each and every day
But I don’t want to not in this way
You came in and destroyed my heart
But that’s not the worst part
Because you still love me and you want this to work
What kind monster are you why you being such a jerk
What have I ever done to you?
Why you making it your mission to turn ma hurt blue
What’s going on tell me what’s your problem?
I thought you different but your more like them
You were my last and my first
And I wish god would just take me off the earth
I had enough I can’t go through this now
I want to leave and float on a cloud
I want the pain to stop hurting
I want my mind to stop thinking
I want my heart to stop beating
I want my body to stop breathing
Oh I just want to stop living
I feel like life’s not wrought it without you
I been too attach and this is true
It’s hard for me to leave this way
But why is it so easy for you to walk away
I guess this wasn’t meant more to you than I thought
Leaving me like this was just soft
You couldn’t even look into my eyes
Instead you made technology do your lies
You made this relationship a living hell
You did what you want and now you’re well
Your deed is done now it’s time to go
Off with the wind as it flows
On to the next one that’s all you know
Or unless you want to come back and finish me with the final blow
Hiss your teeth and say you don’t care
Walk away without any fare
Destroyed my life and throw it in the ditch
But remember you’ll get yours because karma is a b****

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