Why Is It That?

September 30, 2011
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Why Is It That.

Why is it that my own family could betray me?
Why is it that my own family could say they hate me?
Why is it that your own family is the enemy?
Why it is your own friends could betray you and smile in your face so you never know who?
Why is it that love means sex and sex is just sex always onto the next?
Why is it that we as women love so hard and hurt so easy?
Why it is that everybody needs me, but when I need somebody it’s like nobody see me?
Why is it that out of 17 years I can only have 4 real friends?
Why is it that people let things reflect who they are?
Why is it that I’ve lost so many people to death and behind bars?
Why is it that every time we are let down we expect it?
&nd why is it that no one wants more for themselves , and always expect something to be given to them.

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