I Love

September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I love my mom
I love my dad
They make me happy
Even when I’m sad
I love my granny
She’s my heart
I feel so down when we’re apart
I love my friends
Thru thick and thin
I know we’ll be friends to the end
I love to chill
Majority of the time
I love to listen to music
To get stuff off my mind
It clears my head
I even listen to it before
I go to bed
I love my phone
Without it I am so alone
From texting to twitter
Without them I tend to be bitter
I love my family
With all our drama
We’re all still tight
Thru fighting and yelling
We still reunite
I love God
Yes I’m talking about
The one above
And finally
I love G
In other words myself
Who I know I can depend
More than anyone else

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