I Love You...

September 30, 2011
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I Love You…

I Love the crazy conversations
I Love knowing your all mine
I Love your stupid explanations
I Love that we talk all the time

I love the weird laugh you have
I Love how our talks are random
I Love you even when you make me mad
I love that you take me away from boredom

I love that we learn from each other
I Love trying to understand you
I Love you no matter the weather
I Love everything you do

I Love the way you think
I Love it when you’re close
I love you with every wink
I Love how you don’t do the most

I Love the way you are
I Love your sense of humor
I Love you even when you’re far
I Love when you tell me about stupid rumors

I Love when I’m around you
I Love how tall you are
I Love how you sound
I Love you even though you don’t have a car

I Love the song that plays when you call
I Love how were so different
I Love you in the middle of fall
I Love how you’re so interested

I love that you make me laugh
I Love the way you dress
I Love what we have
I love You, You’re the best

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