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Misery Loves Company

September 30, 2011
By AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
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Life's a b****, but if it was a slut, it'd be too easy. - Tori Burgess

In mysteries we dwell as the dead are reborn anew under moonlit rays

Raven's claws smooth and black where the blackness burns harsher than the days

Ebonies engraved in onyx glaze and ivory bends around the roots we've planted

Anger and misfortune cascade webs we weave, ensnaring what we take for granted

Valued life where a new bell tolls the choir sings the beckoning of demise

Gauntlet whim we seldom prosper the roulette shall condemn each and every try

Werewolf howls at cracked white jewel belaying amethyst bleeding skies

Vampiress enjoys every quit sin where lust and temptation disassociate but combine

Bats rain down from rafters your fortune soon is tested by the hands of fate

Time is trickling down like rain drops, plentiful yet it is already too late

Misery loves company debating your past, possessing your present, influencing your future of hate

Anguish is nourishment satisfying the thirst of the ancient ones who sleep

Should you believe your luck may change you are in for quite a treat

No one will come to save you now and soon the devil himself you will greet

The author's comments:
A friend suggested I make this.

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