So Let Us End This

April 2, 2008
So, let us end this,
Too late,
Too soon.
Not enough,
too much.
Mixed with unbearable pleasure.

The memory still lingers,
Deep within the labyrinth,
Hidden among ruins,
That crumbles,
As time pass through its ancient halls,
Tattered tapestries, weaved by nimble fingers,
Are coming undone,
Only the cobwebs with silk stings of
Lethal spiders
Remain among the columns and
Dusted covered archways.

My skin,
How it tingles,
Where you touched it,
Spreading through my twitching body
Like fire,
Black and writhing,
I can feel your eyes as they
And watch,
And glare.
I can feel the emptiness,
My defenses
Into oblivion.
Thank you.

The cold seeps through the cracks,
And crevices,
Leaving nothing but a
Depressing, aching numb in
Its place.
How cruel.
How beautiful.
The raven flies over head,
The wolf howls at the
Crescent moon.
Night has settled
Over the land,
Dawn forgotten,
Twilight lost.
It is the end,
Of this soul.

As I walk away into the
Misty moors,
To bury deep within
The bog,
My love for you.
To forget,
And throw away the key,
The lock unbreakable.
The nighttime darkness,
A shadow,
That reflects my heart,
My soul locked with
The love I buried.
A tainted treasure,
Never to be found,
Or to the see the light of die.
My wings are gone,
And I reign now-
Not from heaven
Not from Hell,
But within the shadows,
But from within the darkness.
Sweet Dreams, Pleasant Nightmares.

I have fallen,
Like an angel from heaven.
I have fallen.
I have landed in Hell.
I have fallen,
Like a broken angel.
I have fallen.
Why didn’t you catch me?
I have fallen.
And landed dead.
I have fallen.
And my heart has turned black.
I have fallen.
You should have caught me...

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