Inspiration Series VI - Spark

September 29, 2011
By Adrienne321 GOLD, Campbell, California
Adrienne321 GOLD, Campbell, California
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battering against a wall the words want to come out but it is too thick migraines from the constant pressure I want to blow them out my nose cry them down my cheeks scream them bleed them whatever stops the agony of a million voices I can feel them crashing on the insides of my teeth and clouding my retinas and cracking my toenails and testing the strength of my cheekbones They pollute each breath and burn up my esophagus I want to force them out onto paper angry pen slashes words again wriggling under my skin Sharpie excavation burn just one breath one heartbeat one eyelash shiver one spark between brain and body one complete disconnect please don’t make me think Until the words come back with the need, primal and raw and frightening and I have to stare at empty lined paper wishing my pinky nail was sharp enough to break me when I curl myself around the ballpoint.

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