Zeus' Thunderbolt

September 23, 2011
By Meghan Collins GOLD, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
Meghan Collins GOLD, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
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I feel the power overtake me and see the poor soul cower before me.
I feel the god’s booming voice shake the ground around us like an earthquake.
I am told that I must deliver the punishment that has been sentenced on this mortal.
The sky darkens and all sounds slow in time with the breathing around us.
Suddenly the room is filled with a brilliant light, but it’s not my light,
At least I don’t think it is.
A hollow sadness fills me because I know this must be done although it’s not fair.
Deathly dark clouds surround the pleading soul as he shrieks for my master to reconsider.
My owner waivers but only for a second; he won’t let his pity take hold of him this time.
I try to turn away; to erase the image of desperation taking hold of the man’s face.
So swiftly, so quietly, the man is no more and Zeus raises me in triumph.
It is my fault; I am to blame.

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