April 1, 2008
By Romney Smith, Reisterstown, MD

The essence of the human soul
A universal language
Untamed and free, expression of the mind
Chronic liberation of unending possibilities
It is waves of color that gives life to the mind’s eye
It is invisible, inescapable, indescribable; bluntly in front of you
It flows from the field of roots at the top of your head to the ends of your straggly strands of hair
It is vibrations, rocking the steady body
Where your spirit resides in
It is dancing while you’re standing still
It is speed in electric ribbons from car lights in the city
Close your eyes
It is daylight
In the rhythm of blades of grass leaning in the wind
And night
In Earth’s natural lamp the moon, spreading streams of light that carry the sounds of sleepless composers
It is black and white and hues of gray
It is pain, peace and passion
It is everyday

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