Always & Forever

September 23, 2011
By cjhendo892 BRONZE, Denville, New Jersey
cjhendo892 BRONZE, Denville, New Jersey
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Motivation has disappeared,
Aspirations have faded.
Mental strength is at a fault,
Left belittled and degraded.

Life devotions are squandered,
Future potentials are in the dirt.
Compassion remains absent,
Like my scent on your shirt.

Every breath I take without you,
Is a breath not worth taking.
Whereas the hours spent in your arms,
Will be my savior from breaking.

As autumn continues to approach,
I continue to depress.
Thoughts of a winter deprived of you,
Are thoughts I’d rather not express.

Could be’s and would haves infect my heart,
Wishes and prayers control my dreams.
Always and forever gave me ambition,
But everything is not how it seems.

Or is it? Is it alive?
Bound, broken, hardly breathing?
Do my words penetrate your heart like they used to?
Does my love still have meaning?

Do you still love me like I love you?
If you do, I still love you more.
Invincible is too less a word to describe us,
Because always and forever is worth waiting for.

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