Sing Me a Song!

April 1, 2008
By Sydney Rubin, Wilmington, DE

Sing me a song
Of what you have seen
Of what you have heard
And felt
And breathed—
Sing me a song
Of where you have roamed
Of lands you have traveled
Of your joy in coming home.

Sing me a song!
Sing, sing, sing!
O’ louder, louder still!
You can outsing the breeze!
Sing me a song
Of your joys and ecstasies
For your voice can make
The very leaves
Flutter on the trees!

Sing me a song
Of what you know pain to be
Of the times you’ve lain awake
Weeping upon your knees.
Make me know your sorrow
Make me feel the pain
So that I can know it too
And the both of us may gain

Sing me a song
Like whisper of silver
Tell me your secrets
To be kept forever
For only, only
If you can love trustingly
Will you find the greater
Friend inside me

If you sing to me a song
Of such a colored light
You will find my torch proffered
To keep away your night

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