Silver Warrior

April 1, 2008
By Sydney Rubin, Wilmington, DE

I stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror.
When all the lights are on, it exposes every blemish on my face
My too large nose, the weak pink of my skin, my freckles,
The gaudiness of the light shows it all, and for a second I am dismayed.

I flick the bathroom light off, and all is plunged into shadow
But for a feather of silver playing on the curve of my face
Shining in my blue eyes and making them glow
Outlining me softly in a brave, yet delicate light.

Unseen by anyone, not even myself, I smile,
And turn my face towards the open door, from which
The silver light comes. And I slip into this gentling light—
A silver warrior shedding shadows with a smile.

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