April 1, 2008
By Marie Morrison, Eugene, OR

Raging, clawing, and vicious the cousins tear at nature’s vulnerable side with voracious bites,
Scorching the underbellies of soft, feeble leaves.
They cry out in agony, but to no avail.
The Earth, unable to help, turns away with a silent shudder.
They seem to multiply and fight their way out of clouds who lose their hospitality as they find themselves being torn to pieces.
The sky picks up the wafts of war and darkens with fury, creating glimpses of sudden light overpowered by the rumble of breaking mountains.
Little children dart under protective bed covers.
Gray figures prowl through the darkness, searching for cover.
As the sky becomes abandoned, showing hope of happiness and peace, the clouds rejoice.
Once again fresh and plump they tattle on the ever misbehaving cousins as grandparents float lightly downward waking and mending,
Leaving the awe of a crisp, dazed fairytale.
Parents let their children play while stitching up the cloud’s lacerations.
Squealing and laughter penetrate the silence as clumsy children go skiing on abrupt gusts of wind.
Their wet bodies joyfully bouncing off the occasional tree limb.
As the time comes for them to return to the skies above a mischievous and adventuresome group decides to play a game of hide and seek with their patient parents.
Temperatures drop and visibility is lessened as dense clouds are driven toward moist soil and lazy rivers by the worrisome adults, searching for their precious little raindrops.
Meanwhile, the grandparents scold the cousins mercilessly.
The cousins sulk and begin their forced clean-up of the destruction they have made, but do not change their attitudes.
They fly toward welcoming soft grass in sudden and strong bursts, soaking anything in sight, hoping to aggravate nature and it’s admirers.
Sitting in a booth by herself in a dark, quiet pub is a lady.
Iridescent light shines through her burgundy hair creating shadows which jab and push each other with active swords until one of them disappears and melts into a gloomy corner.
She does not know of the wonders the sky beholds, though she is observing one through a glistening windowpane.
How hard rain works to make the Earth a better place and how it has many of the same qualities as her life does.
Family. Love. Happiness. Annoyance. Fun. Challenges.
No matter what, the rain never gives up.
It rises above it’s, many times, unappreciated image and never loses sight of what is important.
If you concentrate hard enough, you just might hear rain telling mighty tales of bravery and power, encouraged by high eager voices, as you lie in bed wondering if sleep will ever come.

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