Gone for Love...

April 1, 2008
As I lay in the air,
all my emotions say that i care.
I am called many things because of what i wear.
I promise that I'll share.

I give you crimson,I give you red,
you find me motionless...face down on my bed.
You notice that i look under fed.
Moved the covers only to find me dead.

I told you my favorite color is blue,but no matter what I did I could never convince you...
I wish I could tell you...wish that you knew...
Everything I do is because I love you.

Now I'm gone and alone.
Cold to the bone...
I thank you for the light you've shown,
now it's time to bury me under stone.

You know now when I'm gone,
that I loved you all along.
When you think of what went wrong,
please listen to our love song.

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