Peer Edit

April 1, 2008
By Danielle Davis, Omaha, NE

My peers have a way of editing me
If I want to stay popular I must obey
I’m told not to give in to the temptations of peer pressure, but what can I say

First it started as a minor addiction
Skip a meal here and there
Then it got more serious
Three weeks per say

A friend found out
She made me get help
I was so mad at her
But I know it’s my fault

I dropped 20 lbs. over those few wks.
And boy did it feel good
But the mirror kept deceiving me
And left me a prisoner of my own mind

It’s hard to escape
Escape my mind
Escape their criticism
I know now the how to cope with the pressures of peers
My own little world I go to- poetry, music, and sports
Those are my ways to escape until things are back to how they should be

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