Joy and Pride

April 1, 2008
Five minutes till madness begins.
Everybody scrambles to make snowballs and strong forts.
The countdown ticks.
Face and ears become num.
One minute, they yell…
The cul-de-sac is filled with 20 kids.
two teams divided equally.
He counts down from ten.
Some are in underground tunnels,
Some in trees,
And others
Are behind forts and banks.
It begins…
Balls flying over everything from forts to heads.
Back right, 50, people are yelling positions and places.

I am hidden behind the picket fence,
Mike and I.
I move up and see one of the enemies, but it seems like I am invisible to him.
Next thing I know there’s a snowball that just missed my feet.
I have to get out of here, I say to myself.
It is like running from a spotlight,
Too many people can see me.
I slide behind the bank…

I have one snowball left and the snow around me is too slushy.
With two people waiting for me to pop up I have to think of something.
I take a quick peek to where they are.
They’re sneaking up.
I pop up and throw; it hits one of them.

Little do I know, I am the last one standing.
We lose.
It wasn’t the fact that our team had lost the fight, it wasn’t the fact that I was the last man standing. It was about our teams joy and pride, and at the end we say, Wounds will heal, blood will fade, but pride lasts forever.

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