I'm Free

September 27, 2011
for 15 months i thought i was fine

until i walked out and opend my eyes

to the world and to me. letting

my words stop stinging my throat.

my ears would ring everytime i would lie.

they burned with the sin that one unfaithful time.

i still love you i feel even if

i dont know its real. and i know you still hurt

but you dont deserve to feel like dirt.

let you heart wonder. like i do with words.

feel free to be happy. with me you wont be. with

out me you shall. you let me be me

with out a judge in your mind.

yes sometimes i was mean.

and i didnt mean it. love you still

even though i met him

maybe that day wasnt

worth it. even my free heart still slowly

breaks hearing you tears walk down

you soft face. our eyes look once more

until we each dissappear. and all i hear

is..... im free

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