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September 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Imagine having a good job at a company making good money, having a good home and family thanks to this job. Soon, the company had to shut down and everyone got fired. As days go on it’s more difficult to get a job each time. Then to lose your family and home in matter of months just because of money because you don’t have a good job so they have to move on. ”you don’t know what you have till it’s gone”. Losing jobs have the effect of decreasing job ability, increasing crime rates, and distancing you from your family.

“I don’t know if I can live on my income if the government won’t let me try it “This is not just happening in the United States of America this is a global matter this is a global crisis that is hurting us all. There are more and more people losing their jobs every month that passes by. The reason being is because the unemployment rate is going up more and more each year. This job crisis scenario is affecting the economy. Less people working, meaning our country looks bad from other people perspective so we get less help and less money to get out of this big depth we have. The country has an unplayable deficit. The numbers are changing every nanosecond. (“The Real Unemployment Rate”). “If you think nobody cares if you’re alive then try missing a couple car payments”. If we don’t have any jobs then we can’t pay our taxes, so there is no more income to social security. If there is no more income to taxes so they can use for social security than their just using the money that had to be for our retirement for the seniors that are leaving longer.

“I don’t care how poor a man is if he has a family, his rich.” This is not the case anymore there are People losing their homes. First they lose their jobs no one wants to be with someone who doesn’t have a job. This is why more and more couples seem are getting divorced. Losing your job can give you a lot of stress, that’s why couples break up. One parent can’t support the family and they soon just start arguing more than ever till they just can’t take any more and just have to go their separate ways instead of arguing and letting the kids look at you arguing witch is affecting them. Another way it affects the family is if the parents get to the point where they have to divorce if there were any kids involve it affects them as well. They start worrying too much about their problems at home and not in school, this affects more teenagers. “Relationships are like glass sometimes is better to leave them broken then hurt yourself putting it back together.” Some teenagers may even have to go to the point of dropping off just to help out the family. The dropping out rate has gone up a 27 percent since 2000. (‘Unemployment Affects More Families with Children’)That is one way that having no job affects families.

“When there’s a single thief its robbery and when there is a thousand thieves its taxation.” Criminal rates increased by 35 percent (“The Real Unemployment Rate”). Crime rates are also going up a lot this year because more and more people are losing their jobs. The only way to get money is by, stealing, drug dealing, or prostitution. (“Higher Crimes Linked to Low Wages and Unemployment”).”Poverty is the mother of crime”. Some people may even do any sorts of crime just to go to jail and have food and shelter. People start to steal just to get any amount of money, they start stealing from banks, gas stations, random people, even family. Teenagers drop off school to help out their family, they start joining gangs because they feel alone and lead to drug dealing. Some parents would even encourage this just because of the help the kids can give them the support with the money. Some mother will even sell them self’s or even their kids for money and shelter all because they couldn’t get a decent job or because they just had recently lost theirs. Other people would try to go to jail on purpose because they would get free food and a roof over their heads. Not having a decent job messes up peoples futures.

“No matter how hard you hug your money it never hugs back”. With this year’s bad economy numbers it keeps making our country worst and worst each year. Thanks to this we get no help from other countries which would make us pay more and more taxes each year. “Money comes and goes.”This is worse than it sounds because, the people already have no money and now they have to pay more for what they needed. For example, if someone goes to the store and wants to buy a bag of chips that is originally one dollar, they will soon have to pay 1.50 for it, and it will add up n the long run. Taxation keeps on going up even on food which makes it harder for people to buy because they don’t have any money. (“The Real Unemployment Rate.”) Another way the country is affected by this is, thanks to this the country will be more and more in depth. Because it will ask for more loans and will have no way to pay them back. For example, more stores would go bankrupt so will soon be forced to shut down, because there is no money because of the loss of jobs people stop buying things and stop spending their money the way they use to, so stores would have to shut down. Which would mean more people would get fire.

Now you understand why losing your job could and will affect your whole life style. It changes everything about your normal life, not just you but everyone and everything around you. I explained how losing your job affects your family, criminal rates, and is the reason for the bad economy as of today. This is why I feel the only way to prevent this is by, working hard and sticking together through this time.

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