Remember to Forget You

October 3, 2011
By PLATINUM, Guelph, Other PLATINUM, Guelph, Other
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"Do I dare disturb the universe?" -T.S. Eliot

She touched his lips, he twirled her hair
Two kids in love, no worries or cares
He was the first one to call her beautiful
Within seconds he had her, heart and soul
He was kind and gentle, the world’s perfect guy
Always had that tiny sparkle in his eye
He bought her flowers just to see her smile
A whole day spent together seemed too short a while
Bought him tickets to see his favourite band
They were always seen walking, hand in hand
Things were going great for a couple years
He made her laugh ‘till she was in tears
He always talked about marrying her
The parents said they were meant for each other
One day he phones her up out of the blue
Told her it wasn’t working out, she lied: said she thought so too
He had her heart within a couple seconds doesn’t he see,
How it’s ironic that he broke it just as easily
Should have been more cautious, wearing her heart on her sleeve
But who could have guessed it would leave her crying on her knees?
Now she has to try to forget the times they played their song
Remember why he made her cry all night long
Forget when he said “I’ll be here forever”
Remember he’s not there, he’s with another
Forget how he made her feel like she belonged finally
Because “forever” is not as long as it used to be...

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