Burning Fire

April 1, 2008
By Collin Schneide, Midlothian, VA

6 stood round a burning fire
If not controlled would consume,
And each a cup of water
Witheld would surely doom,

The first one stared a lazy eye,
At the fire raging near,
Why waste his precious water
For the peasants not to fear

The second raised his face to see,
Round the fire features lacked,
And could not help the give his cup
Cause a face was noticed black

And the third decided to look away
Although the fire was growing strong,
Was not his job to give the cup
A right to all the wrongs.

The fourth was busy wondering
how to keep his water safe,
Why give what he had worked so hard,
The little kept to take,

The next looked round the fire,
Blinded by burning light
Cause all he saw in keeping in
Was a chance to spite the white

The last was yet still good in heart,
But afraid to stand and lead,
And because he had such low esteem,
The fire was left to feed.

6 stood strong round a burning fire,
Proof enough of sin,
But they didnt die from the fire bright...
They died from greed within.

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