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April 1, 2008
When I was young, I fled that town. I dug up all I had buried beneath the ground. As I was, I glanced behind. No room to mourn, no place I could hide. To be more than they could ever understand, more than they could ever chain, more than the last blight upon their hearts, every dream slain. Far from home, I shot my elephants one by one, sought to find my future to be won. I took the past. I took it down, and became the stellar being of my own desire. I felt the breath of fame pass beyond my inadequate shoulders. I was, no, I am strong enough to remain. The silence, the dark and insignificance are dead, shot from their mount upon my back. I am new, I am here. Oh, I promise you I’ve arrived. I am wind and ether, quicksilver and charm; every flippant utterance a breath of rapture upon your ears. My moment is now, never will I be held beneath the surface for I have seen my rightful reflection and cannot be made to forget. Among the beasts and damsels I made my home, carving the path to eminence, never so alone. Conquered damsels, moments of shame, of booze, jewels and dancing beasts. Forgotten, but never really, always seven steps behind me. Now I’ve found someone to block them from my sight, as I continue to glance behind. Dear one, close one, I find laughter in your eyes. No need for painted faces, smoke, lies, or absinthe. You have me. You flaunt my graces with style. Together, we’ll gamble with our time, and pass through these days of question. Oh, it’s been a long time now since I’ve seen you smile. Still every look burns me to the ground. At least you wore it for a while.

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