The First Cold War

March 31, 2008
By Ching-Ting Hwang, Chesterfield, MO

Trey was his name, high born and well fated from birth.
Son of client-defender and money-keeper, Bill excelled in science and mathematics.
It all began at Lakeside school, a rummage sale. A teletype terminal, well constructed with pleated silicon, rendered man dependent.
College dropout as Bill Gates was, he was admired by all for his quirky antics.
The gods favored this young man and found him a friend, together they established a money-firm.

Afterwards, Microsoft went macroscopic, garnering green gains that brought much happiness.
He was a free giver, respected for noggin, money and sought out machine-thinkers.
A personal computer Bill promoted, the people gasping as number calculations appeared on the bright word-screen.
He ruled the Microsoft land well. Laptops, small chips, MS-DOS, Xbox and more, rendered pleased users.
Fanatic followers flew like flies, buzzing excitedly for the newest gadgets.

Times were good until the evil ones began to breech security.
Bogged by viruses and plagues of worms, the thinker-boxes became quite fever some.
Consumers did not like their malfunctioning drivers, and to dismay of the computer king, searched for other selections.
That which fell from a tree onto Newton’s head, was known to be adventuresome.
From down the coast came the marching Apple, led by their lord, the great half-Syrian Steve Jobs.

Jobs, known for sleek and elegant appeal, had decided to conquer control of computing contraptions.
Traveling from Disneyland to land of the teacher-fruits, he seemed to have a huge ego.
Everything he named had an “i”. iMac, iPhone, iPod.
Stealing the limelight away from Gates, this adoptee drew the young and their parents, who deemed it all a good show.
From his president-perch, Gates could do no more, but fume and yell at his laborers to kill worms quicker.

Once inspired by thought of a magnificent monopoly, Gates declared a technological warfare.
On both sides, manmade machines were manufactured at supersonic speed.
Son of son of a money-protector, Gates boasted about all the coming treasure-green
With all his followers, money and an informidable opponent, he boasted and paid little heed.
All in the Microsoft land gathered up their gadgets and prepared to wage war.

Into the battle both firms marched, waving rainbow apple and window flags.
With money and the country’s computer system on the line, each had much to motivate.
Crashing programs and nauseating worms encroached every corner. Whomever won would be written the country’s saver.
Armed with telematics, radiation monitors, Zunes, Treos, along with gold coated swords, Gates was ready to activate.
Before launching attack he prayed to God to let him know that all the money would be used for good.

Apple took the first hit, as God deemed them the evil fruit that Eve had eaten.
Down went Jobs’ commander. Neck slashed and wound gaping, he begged Jobs to give up the fight.
Then the Apple crew popped open their jars full of quarantined worms and viruses.
Crawling, sticky, rancid bugs, attacked the awestruck men. Though they fought with all their might,
The blood-suckers, worms, crawled all over their bodies and viruses wreaked havoc on all.

Microsoft fought back, using invisible coats and telecommunications, transmitting electric shocks that fried up the Apples.
The smell of burnt flesh lingered in the air, and numbers on both sides began to dwindle.
An intelligent, intrepid Ishmael, servant to lord Gates, quickly created Windows Defender.
The plague was contained, and spirits were rekindled.
But as the battle continued, the men grew weary, and the weapons were of use no more.

Hand to hand combat, so archaic, this day would prove the more courageous.
Though sleek and versatile, the Apple swords were too weak when clashed with the bulky, thick Windows swords.
Human-metronomes were penetrated, blood spurting streams streaking the crisp air.
Futile fist-fights formed on the battle field, men giving their all in hopes of the rewards.
The battle it seemed would never be over, each side losing men to attrition, yet continuing to fight.

Finally, Gates ended it all. Spitting out binary formulations like atrocious anathemas,
The tired Apple clan began to wither and fall. Shriveled up like dead leaves, the apple tree no longer stood.
So in all his goodness the great Gates succeeded. The excellent news was text messaged to all using a grand Treo,
And the Microsoft anthem, played on a Zune. It was a grand day in computer history, as was understood.
Apple had been defeated and Microsoft, stood, as a great kingdom as long as Bill Gates ruled.

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