I am Maddie

March 31, 2008
By Maddie Stone, Rockwall, TX

I am Maddie.
I wonder if I’ll fail, or if I’ll succeed. I wonder if I’ll have any regrets, or be thrilled about my choices.
I hear that I’m too happy, but this is who I am.
I see PEOPLE who judge and don’t take time to get to know you, but I also see people who give people chances to speak their mind.
I want to become an interior designer, or an architect, or maybe a detective.
I am an optimist.

I pretend that life is perfect, even when it is far from.
I feel cheerful, and excited about what life has ahead.
I hope I touch other people’s hearts and impact them in some way.
I worry I’ll fail or disappoint someone.
I cry when I’m hurt, whether it’s flying off a bike or someone saying that they don’t like me.
I am crazy!!!

I understand that I have to work to succeed.
I say that anything and everything is possible.
I dream that I will become famous someday, whether it is athletically or winning the Nobel Prize.
I try to be the BEST person I can be and do what I know is right.
I am Maddie.

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