March 31, 2008
By Marissa Buttitta, Princeton, LA

I have great fears
that cause tears
but im shifting gears,
trying to get out,
but i have my doubts
if you even care
im playing this game
but its not fair.
My anger flares
at the thought of what you've done
i should of known all along
but i couldnt see
that you'd be wrong.
with all this fog
and swirl of thoughts
i fought for your attention
but only got disapointment.
As much as i care
and as hard as ive fought
i havent changed you
though now i can see through you.
your all talk.
and no action
you havent changed not even a fraction.
I wish you would
i wanted you back
but everythings going all black.
so now im gone.
i wasted my time and effort
and you lost yours.
so when im grown
dont look back , thinking
this thinking that.
because this is how it is supposed to happen
if it wasnt it wouldnt of right?
so dont think back to that night
as i know you will and how you'll feel.
you made your choice.
and now ive made mine.
im going on with my life.
and yea it'll be a fight.
you think im wrong,
but in reality im right.

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