The Broken Heart

March 31, 2008
By Samantha Barnitt, Mechanicsville, VA

It builds and builds,
Just like a flame.
But a broken heart
Cannot be tamed.

Unused love
Seeps from the cracks.
But feeling and fire
Is what it lacks.

The pieces have fallen.
But what is the reason?
A friendship has ended.
A close to the season.

The tears that will pour.
The shatters collected.
The battle’s begun.
The sides are selected.

The broken heart,
It starts out sad.
But along the way
It morphs to mad.

Will this come to a draw?
Will it ever end?
Can this all be sewn up?
Can it ever end?

Some things you have to
Forgive and forget.
Don’t let your heart be broken,
At least not yet.

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