9/11 cause and effects

September 27, 2011
By Cronin BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Cronin BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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2,823 lives were lost in the terrorist attack on 9/11. (guardian.) September 11,2001 was the day the twin towers were attacked by terrorist. Two U.S planes were high jacked and flown right into both World Trade Center buildings. It’s said that we were hated for our freedoms. (reasons.) No other reason has ever really been proven to why the terrorist has targeted us on this day. The buildings eventually crumble to the ground leaving not only the people in the tower helpless, but the people on the ground as well. The effects of 911 will forever be a reminder of this day; tighter security, after math of families and survivors, the mess left behind and the war it started.

Post 911 has affected the ways security is run in multiple places, specifically air ports. Homeland security rules have changed, each non-U.S pilot entering the country has to present their names, birthday, and other personal information to all the passengers. (attack on U.S) Submission of passenger’s information must be presented as well. This helps the security to know the background of their passengers and to keep tabs on anything that seems unusual. This will help guests on the plane to feel more comfortable that all the riders have been under moderation before boarding. Nearly 2,000 people have been hired as air port screeners. (attack on U.S) Their main job is to scan the area and detect any strange behavior. If they are to have suspicion of anyone, they suggest the person for back ground profiling and to be questioned. It’s understandable that someone could be offended if they were questioned while doing nothing wrong. However, this is significant to passengers on the plane. Their safety is number one priority. It is just one more safety precaution that has been developed as an effect after the 911 attack.

Furthermore there are those who risked their lives to save other and made it through and those who grieve for the ones they lost, we admire both. Hundreds of people volunteer in all 50 states on September 11th national day of service and remembrance. (families.) People each year on the date of this tragedy do some sort of project. For example food drives, school beautifications, disaster prevention, or neighborhood cleanups. (families.) All 50 states participate in events like these. This is significant because its representing our unity after it was torn apart on September 11, 2001. We are proving the terrorist wrong that thought they could not tear us apart. Our nation is strong and our freedom is made known. The firefighters involved in the rescue on 911 have affected the lives of those of those who passed and those who made it. Unfortunately they were affected by the attack in a way that not many could have been predicted. It is said that many of the hero’s involved are suffering with respiratory illness, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. (abc.news.) It’s also been said that many fire fighters have an increased risk of developing cancer from breathing in toxins and debris. Side effects of illness did not show up until later years around 2006. (abc.news.) Many firemen came down with different problems but most revolved around cancer. “I’ve been to 54 funerals of firefighters since 9/11 and 52 of them is caner related” says John Feal, a former firefighter. (abc.news.) The bravery of the 911 firefighters will always be remembered. The effects have been brutal, but the survivors would say it was worth it to help out their country.

“We will fight the terrorists across the earth, not for [ride, not for power, but because the lives of our citizens are at stake.”- President George Bush (war on terrorism.) Our nation was taken advantage of and torn apart by 2 high jacked planes. As an effect we sent troops to Iraq because the security of our homeland was threatened. Bush stated suspicions of weapons of mass destruction as another reason for invading Iraq. The power of terrorism is in its ability to create a sense of fear of the actual threat posed to an individual. (guardian.) The terrorist may have got the fear from Americans that they were looking for, but we did not give in without a fight. As another effect of the war it is believed that being in Iraq costs up to 9 million per month. (guardian.) Our debt is continually growing but most believe it was for a good reason. After the 911 attack we were forced to face our rivals. Instead of making the war violent it was said to be us going out of our way to help other countries maintain a better government and establish a better meaning of freedom.

In addition to the aftermath of 911 on September 12, 2001 the clean up was started. The workers had said it to be devastating, body parts, fire and debris everywhere. (new.bbc) This probably caused trauma upon most people and they will live with the im

ages of it in their head as long as they live. No one was prepared for the kind of job and it took a while to get used to what the workers were dealing with. 16 hours a day, 7days a week for the first 3 months was how their schedule was run. (new.bbc) This had to be straining on the workers, their was emotional pain from the event and physical strain on the workers from their clean up duties.

Tighter security, after math of families and survivors, the mess left behind and the war that started in Iraq are all effects of 911 that will be a reminder to us forever of this horrible day in history. Although most of the side effects of September 11th are not happy ones we learn from it. Our security has gone up ensuring we are safe in our nation. There are still firemen around to be honored and families to be remembered. We went to war and are still figuring it out, but it was all to prove how strong the U.S is. There is a positive in every negative.

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