A Secret Passion

March 31, 2008
A secret passion
Just as friends
A quiet love
That has yet to begin.
For ever lost
Deep within
Wondering, waiting
For a chance to be near him.

Counting minets
Watching time
Thinking that maybe
He will ask to be mine.
Then a rush, a flow
That is like never before
As he comes to my door.

Smiling his smile
so kind and tender
And then in his eyes
A light that burns brighter
Wondering, waiting
Could this be
Will oh will he ask of me
Holding on to every word
Waiting for that very word.
Waiting,oh waiting so patiently.
For the moment he asks of me.

Then in moments
Just like that
He asked of me
I say yes and then thought wow.
Then right then
Something sparked
Something that I thought I could never
Never ever truely touch.

Then a kiss, a kiss goodnight
And he was gone from my site
But though I wished to be with him
I knew it would not be long till I
Yes, I would see him again
Waiting here just for him.

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