Oh My Bitter Sweet Symphony

March 31, 2008
By Kristen Clark, Bushkill, PA

My hands shaking blindly cold.
This heart sinking from your hold.
A pain so terrible, bitter but true.
Because deep inside, I'm losing you.

The sorrow seen in my eyes.
A beautiful tragedy; my own demise.
A bitter sweet symphony clouding my mind.
A beat of true love; one of a kind.

The harmony traitorous to her true emotions.
The words spilling, rolling along this vast ocean.
A whisper of love building up the climax.
But it came to swift, it went to fast.

The notes pouring sour, wicked pain.
The soft melody; it wouldn't sustain.
Images dancing across the livid sky.
Questions demanding answers; Why?

A tremble, a cry as the song ends.
A beautiful symphony that breaks not mends.
The tragic soul pouring her love out to you.
But greedy hands took, not right, not true.

It took from the beauty, damaging without care.
Suffering behind closed eyes; the wreckage still there.
When my heart aches the notes pour through me.
It was meant for you. This bitter sweet symphony.

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