Secrets Within the Library Shelves

March 31, 2008
In the library shelves there are books
Calling your name, waiting for you to grab them
Wishing you would read their pages and understand them
Wondering why you pass on because their cover is dull
Books are like humans
Judged and read
Sometimes from front to back enthusiastically
Sometimes with a glance at the cover and then they are thrust back into a shelve
Some books are hidden; they go without ever being noticed
Silent soldiers just doing their job, spreading their message secretly
Many books are popular but have no meaning
It is the dusty books, musty smelling books, stale books that have the true knowledge
The knowledge of life, the knowledge of love, the knowledge of people
You search for them but they are hard to find
Lost in a jumble of words
Shoved to the back of shelves
It is hard to decide which books to read, which to explore, which to enjoy
But if you sit silent and watch the books you can typically tell if this book is for you
For people really are much like books after all.

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