I Took My Time

March 31, 2008
I took my time, contemplating the way the wailing winds change
And realized that today, they are constant, always blowing in my face
Whether flowers or rocks, I must say, every obstruction in my range
Every mediocre monkey seems to beat me in my race

I took my time, analyzing what adjustments I could make
And found I don’t need recognition here, for goodness sake
I took time; I took energy, seeking revelations ‘til I’d break
Being looked upon as stupid while they praised all of the fakes

I took my pencil, finding rain won’t solely make my crops grow
I need sunlight, so I decided to clear the clouds of cynical woe
I need foresight, so I now write with a fire I’d deemed forgotten
The eggs in this one basket that I thought had become rotten

Well now the trees will know why the birds chirp so intrusively
And will open their dull branches to welcome them exclusively
And I know that all this red hot fire will soon smite the electric wires
That I shall treat no one like “sire” and will evict all of the liars

Well, I’ve grown sick of analyzing similes and metaphors
What I want is an analysis of what I write this poem for
Why I change my rhyming structure, my very sanity I puncture
From analogies to entreaties, tell me, what lies at the core?

I took my time, oh yes, I took my time, but I shall do it no more

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