Hit the Snooze Button

March 31, 2008
Slowly, the beeps get louder, more frequent
My consciousness blossoms, my dotty sight renews
Long enough to be blinded by
(The light at the end of the tunnel)
Illuminating the operation table

This chaos is silent
And suddenly I am my heartbeat
In harmony with the constant chimes
Of a distant machine, hurling me to insanity

“Now make the incision”
A mist of cool water on my face
But it does not wake me
But this is no nightmare
(For that I could only wish)
And the refreshing splash upon my brow
Is crimson

Though the frantic daze in which I lay
Is comforting,
My cries are only that of my own preoccupation
My lone mind can hear them

And as I wait, I am filled
With memories
Which pass by like a good night’s sleep.
A final tone sounds¾long and straight
But this night’s sleep will not pass.

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