Symphony of a Genetics Major

March 31, 2008
First Movement-
His fingers gently strummed
The pad of his thumb
Brushing the strings
Beautiful Chords
Sweet and Familiar
Pieces of Melodies
Form the backdrop
As they talk
Revealing, exchanging
Pieces of themselves
Two separate voices
Twining together
Talking about Everything and Nothing
A comfortable harmony
With the melodies of the guitar
They laugh together
The pitches perfectly consonant
Hers high and bright
His warm and deep
Ringing sweet and clear

Second Movement-
A walking tempo
Their feet tap the ground
Steady and even
Keeping the beat
As their hands swing lazily
Laced together
In Tempo
The wind whistles through the trees
Like a flute
So that when she laughs
It is sustained
A pure clear tone
Ringing through the bright October air
Lingering before finally fading
Carried away on the breeze

Third Movement-
Faster tempo
Swords clash
Cymbals crash
To the syncopated click
Of the controllers' buttons
More laughter
The repeated chord
Meter change
Thunderhorse and Trogdor
Dueling melody lines
To the Laughter
The resolving chord
The recurring theme

Fourth Movement-
Final movement
An echo of the first
The same familiar guitar melodies
Quieter this time
Beneath the rise and fall
Of their voices
Woven around a thread
Of comfort and understanding
The uniting melody
Linking the movements
Bringing them full circle
Back to the opening theme
Just him
And her
And a guitar
He begins to sing along
The crickets chirp their accompaniment
She tilts her face up towards his
So that his words fall
Warm and Sweet
On her lips
Her eyes drift closed
She smiles
Her lips part
And she sighs
A single contented sigh
The final note
To end the symphony
Their Symphony

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