Two parts to a broken heart...never to be true love again

October 1, 2011
By Stelaluna BRONZE, Heath, Ohio
Stelaluna BRONZE, Heath, Ohio
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I look at you and see no sadness
While i suffer from all this madness
It kills me even more day by day
Is there anything you have to say?

Your empty promises, your empty words
Make me think love is absurd
That curved smile, was full of lies
It's what led me to my demise

I trusted you and cared for you
Even said the words I do
I was happy, but that was then
Your just like all the other men

Forgive me, it breaks my heart
I never meant to tear us apart
I wasn't thinking, I know that now
I'm sorry i didn't keep my vow

Please darling come back to me
For our love is meant to be
There's nothing more i can do or say
I hurt you in the worst way

I want you back that's for sure
Without your love I can't endure
My heart still aches without you here
your the one thing that I still hold dear

You left me, betrayed us
All because of your hidden lust
I love you I swear i do
But I wonder if our love is true

One more chance i beg you please
I'll show you there's a you and me

One more chance and that is it
I just need proof that you'll commit

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