March 31, 2008
I like the generosity of the Ocean,
The simple giving without asking

He’s great and powerful, however
Pleasant when I’m keen
To have the best time of my life

Two poor children swimming, father teaching the boy how to surf, fishermen getting the Food for his family in the beach,
The executives having a good time, hosting a party, riding their Jet skis, scuba diving… Anything that takes money common people don’t have

The presence of the Ocean, whose supremacy is there
No matter what anyone has in the pockets,
Is free and equal to anyone interested

I like His mixed simplicity and complexity,
At first sight predictable, unsurprising, inoffensive…
Pleasant source of peace to the tormented minds and souls

He is a huge mystery
When His calm personality becomes
An unknown and unexplainable rage

His beauty can be seen from the land, although
His influence is limited.
If you desire and have courage to be entirely
Involved in his magnitude, it is priceless, a “trip to the sky”,
Not possible to distinguish where one ends and the other begins.

Like in the human society, the need to share is inevitable,
Despite His greatness, His younger sister, the Earth,
With higher privileges, is always there to limit His most ambitious goals,

Water, the basic element in the Universe is also
The essence of His soul,
Composed of wonderful and interesting creatures
With colors never imagined by notorious painters, as mysterious as
Himself, the essence of life

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