The Fuzz

March 31, 2008
I am drowning,
I can’t breathe.

My eyes are open,
I am awake,
But I cannot function.

I can’t hear the people,
I can’t hear anyone around me.

I feel like I am
In a bubble.

I hear their voices
It doesn’t seem
Like they are speaking my language.

Their words
Like riddled sounds.

I can’t place them,
Not properly any way.

I can see the people
They just seem like shapes,
Moving shapes.

My mind is scattered,
Not thinking of anything.

Anything in particular,
Not any thing that needs deep thought.

Things like
Oh! I like her shoes.
Wow, I like that color.

Nothing like
I could wear those shoes with…
That color would look great…

My mind is blended together.
I have no rigid thoughts.

No final conclusions
Just “Oh, wow” thoughts.

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