September 24, 2011
By luvkat BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
luvkat BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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It was a rainy cold winter night, the kind of cold that gave you Goosebumps all around. I was fast asleep in my bedroom dreaming of the next day ahead that will bring new adventures, but I would of never thought this would happen.
“Charlotte wake up!” my mother said in a voice I haven't herd since my dad died. “What? What is it mom?” she struggles to turn on the light with her shaky hands. “Its Arrow”; I turn to her with eyes ready to explode with tears. “What about Arrow? Is he okay?” “No sweetie something’s wrong with him. Your brother is at the vet waiting for us to come.” My name is Charlotte, Charlotte Jones, I'm 13 years old I live in a quiet small town where everyone knows each other. My father died four years ago in a house fire so I live with my mother and my older brother, Shane. When I was five we added a new edition to our family, Arrow, our German Shepard. Ever since we got him I’ve always been attached to him and gave him all my love, but this past month things have changed with Arrow. He won't eat and wants to be left alone while he walks in pain. Although I knew what was happening, I didn't want to admit it. I grabbed some shoes, a blanket, and Arrows favorite toy. The car ride was long and silent. I watched my breath fog up on the car window and cried but not for my mom to hear. The car ride seemed forever but we finally made it. I unwrapped myself to get out but quickly wrapped myself back up with the cold wind hugged my face and body. After the dreadful walk to the door I saw Shane and ran up to him to hug him then we all started crying for Arrow. “Charlotte I think you should say goodbye to Arrow” Shane says with eyes puffy and wet. I slowly walked to where Arrow was with his favorite toy in my hands. I lay it right in between his front legs as if he was hugging it. There was nothing there to save him, no medicine no nothing just Arrow and a cold table left for him to just die! I started sobbing with anger but knew that this was for the best “Arrow I will miss you deeply, I can't imagine my life without you but I guess I have to...I love you so much that words can't describe. You are my best friend.” I gave him the biggest hug ever and look into Arrows eyes one last time to see them close forever.

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