Hope is Apparent in Faith

March 31, 2008
By Carey Skinner, Paducah, KY

As I was passing along the way, “Hope is the parent of faith” I read on the sign.
As we lie at night, we ponder the future, anticipating the radiance of the new day’s sun.
We expect to prevent and make things better, even before they are done.
A farmer makes his crop, each plant he keeps in mind,
The full grown vegetable he pictures in his carefully laid out line.
Tragedy strikes and scares us away, we grab our loved ones and run,
But all pull together and fight against despair, and in the end, our unity we have won.
A man lifting up his prayer, lacking expectation with doubt in his mind.
Is our God unstable, withholding His good gift?
It is not in the works of man with which God is pleased,
But when in faith we fall to our knees.
A life that is founded on the word of God has no fear of trial, His way will not shift.
In vision of the resurrection, Abraham surrendered, His son on the alter he layeth.
Rejecting what we can only see with human eyes, hope is apparent in faith.

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