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October 3, 2011
By miicah7 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
miicah7 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Love is a strong emotion
It can make you do almost anything
Love can make you stay up at night
Love can make you wanna cook for somebody
Love can make you stay through good and bad times

Love can change you
Love can make you crazy
Love can make you cry
Love can have you staying up all night worrying

Love is a different emotion =
Somepeople don't have love
Somepeople strive for it
Somepeople well do anything to be loved
Somepeople want to be loved

Love has no pain
Love has no abuse
Love is not Hurtful
Love does not have you afraid
Love is not fearful

Love is a powerful word to say
Love is unconditional
Love is trust
Love is happiness
Love is intense
Love is passinate

Love is when you wake up thinking about that special person
Love is when you go to sleep, they are the only one on your mine
When you get that warm feeling
When all you can do is smile when you see them
Love is just a strong emotion you have for someone

Love can make you pull away
Love can scary you
Love can make you not afraid to be yourself
Love can make you smile
Love can make you laugh
Love can make you wanna work it out
Love can be short or long term
Love you can have forever &lt;3

The author's comments:
I am not sure i had a dream about how should I write this poem and I wrote it for English class

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