This Pain...

March 30, 2008
this pain im feelin in my heart,
will stay froever like a scar,
when all is lost and all are gone,
these feelings here will still live on.

They say that love will set you free,
yet the ones we love will never be,
To give it up, hurts so fast,
to have it forever, never lasts.

When one is young it comes so easy,
yet to lose it, makes us crazy.
What was once a show of fireworks,
has now become endless waterworks.

You never really loearn to love,
for love is a gift that takes you above.
To learn to hate, is quite hard too,
but when someone breaks you're just do!

The pain im feeling in my heart,
didn't just appear. it was there from the start.
But the love ihad now gone away,
will comeback someday...i stay!

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Kim Dell said...
Jun. 23, 2016 at 3:28 pm
This is my poem that I wrote in 6th grade. Makes me sad/mad to see someone else get the credit.
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