The Child Left Behind

March 30, 2008
By Megan Cahill, Cranford, NJ

The simple-minded say I am not worth the time.
The threatened say I get far too out of line.
The frustrated say I have got all the potential,
The incapable are quick to give me a central.
The pompous say that girl should learn here place,
The guidance counselor says I better pick up the pace.
The insightful say that there must be something wrong.
The tired say this has been going on much too long.
The molders say she refuses to bend or break,
The authority figures say I have much direction to take.
The supportive say I truly have a skill,
The doubters say I never have, and never will.

What has become of what once was education?
Its beauty is failing quickly with no sign of salvation.
In rulebooks and guidelines, intuition was lost.
Society’s grade A statistics aren’t worth the cost.
My mind is open to think and to question,
To view and decide by my own discretion.
I have an opinion, you have got the facts.
Life is this way, and that is that.
Your rules and the one way street are not for me,
If thinking makes one a failure,
A failure I will always be.

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