Crystal Ball

October 5, 2011
By karen schiavone BRONZE, Ossining, New York
karen schiavone BRONZE, Ossining, New York
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Its hit me like a shooting star that college was here! Hi I’m Karen, I’m 17 years old. I am the only girl in a family of four. None of us has attended college and I would love to be the one who made it.
I never really liked math never thought there was a reason in knowing math or knowing the numbers or problems until I met my 6 grade teacher. Ms. Barica she made me realize that you needed to know how to do math and counting. She made me understand it and made me think math is everywhere you go. Ever since that I loved math and understood it. It been my priority I love counting and the real like math. I always wanted to be a math teacher ever since I got the hang of it and understand it but ever since my job at C-town dealing with money counting made me realize I really do love math and everything about it the problems, counting and the solutions. Now being a senior at Ossining High School transferring to Miami Beach Senior High made me realize college it right around the corner. I want to be an accounting at the bank anywhere that just deals with money and me counting. I would love to go to Miami Dade for 2 years on accounting and the transfer for two more years somewhere else that has a good accounting degree like yours.

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