What Makes Me Who I Am Today

October 5, 2011
By BrittanyAM BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
BrittanyAM BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I learned very early that if I want something,
I get it myself.
Like the chocolate milk I wanted to make,
too short to reach the milk,
making chocolate water instead.

I’ve heard grown up discussions,
too young to understand.
I lost my grandmother when I was five,
and I’ve felt the emptiness inside,
every day without her.
I‘ve had to look at an empty chair every Thanksgiving,
her favorite holiday.

I was unaware of the tragedies surrounding me every day,
From unwanted children to the collapse of the twin towers.

I have a loving family,
a forgiving, thoughtful, caring family,
who always pick me up when I fall. Whether it’s because of my first heart break,
or just because I want to talk.

And I will always care about others,
because that is what I was taught,
to care about everyone,
no matter what they have done to me.

I have felt the rush,
of dancing on stage,
doing leaps, turns, and pirouettes
in front of hundreds of people.
And felt the fear of falling,
disappointing my audience,
watching unhappy faces throughout the whole auditorium.

I’ve heard gospel music on Sunday morning,
blasting at my dad’s house,
And I have waken up to breakfast,
Mickey Mouse pancakes and steaming co-co wheats.
already made in the morning.
I grew up knowing,
That I am never too old to be a daddy’s girl.
And knowing that I am never to old,
To hug my mother goodnight.

I’ve seen palm trees,
flashing by as I run along the beach,
in the warm Florida air,
sand and shells at my feet.

I’ve held newborn kittens in my hands,
never wanting to let go.
And I’ve seen happiness and joy,
as I watched my dog,
running and playing,
but I’ve felt the unbearable sadness,
as I watched him slowly slip away.

I will never give up anything important to me,
I will stay true to my word.
I will respect people who respect me.
And I will never forget my memories,
because my memories,
are who make (made?) me,

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