The Soldier's Plight

March 30, 2008
By Andrew Corrado, Solon, OH

The Soldier's Plight
The moist jungle inundates our adolescence
The enemy surrounds our platoon
The fight carries on, a never-ending gloom.

We hit the ground, bullets shredding, sparks flying
I shoot hopelessly, my brothers dying.
The hot lead a continuous stream
The fight carries on, neglecting the screams.

They organize their battle lines blurring past the trees
We shoot whatever we can see.
The bullet pierces my clothing; a ruby river flows out of the hole
The fight carries on, how can evil take so many souls?

I wake up with pain
My shoulder bandaged, my platoon waiting for my return.
So goes the soldier’s plight
The fight carried on, on into the eternal night.

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