The Joy of Reading

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I have always been a reader
To explore a book of any kind
I’ve always had a book on my mind
I started from an early age
It has always been a joy
To me it’s an escape from reality

I’ve read the most best realistic
Fiction those are the best reads
Historical fiction never fails to bring joy
Although I’m glad to read fiction of any kind
Now I appreciate reading at this age
While my eyesight is still good and my mind

Is at its best, some books, mind
You have been a disappointment to bring reality
Back to me, but as I age
I’ve become a better reader
Choosing the books with the kind
Of characters that bring joy,

Sadness or any emotion I can joyfully
Relate to, it makes me relax my mind
Some characters are the kind
I can relate to those in reality
As a reader
I enjoy reading anything of any age

Whether it be Jane Eyre the newest-aged
Book out it doesn’t matter as long as it’s enjoyable
I don’t know what my life would be like if I couldn’t read
I would probably lose my mind
Because there would be no escaping reality
I would not be the same kind

Of person I am. I kindly
Teach children of a younger age
That reading is your reality,
Your priority at the joyful
Age where your mind
Has a wonderful imagination that’s one of a kind

It has been the only kind of hobby that brings joy
To me for ages that expands my mind
Brightens my reality, and its reading

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