A lost of a great one

October 5, 2011
By JacobKeith BRONZE, Tifton, Georgia
JacobKeith BRONZE, Tifton, Georgia
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It was a great day at the hospital where someone new came to the world.
That was until I heard of the death of my grandfather.
It was one of the most terrible news that a grandchild could hear.
We said goodbye to the parent’s and their baby and left.
The feeling built up to where I started to cry.
We were now on our way to find and tell the news to our family.

We soon were able to tell everyone in the family.
On the day someone came to the world someone also left the world.
The feeling of the death came over everyone in the family until they started to cry.
He is and will always be my grandfather.
We soon booked the ticket to Vietnam and left.
The planes engine was the only thing I could hear.

For the next few hours, the sound of complete silence was what I could hear.
Now another loved one has gone from my family.
I did not have any thoughts since I had left.
I know that my grandfather is still in the world.
A great man is nothing compared to my grandfather.
I was now airborne and was still very sad, but did not have the strength to cry.

When I get to Vietnam the last thing on my mind was to cry.
My natural language is the first thing I hear.
Right now I have forgotten about the death of my grandfather.
Once I get out of the airport the first thing I see is my mom’s side of the family.
Today I have seen another part of the world.

It seems as if I had always been here and never left.

The thought of missing America had left.
This was the only time in the past few weeks that I did not want to cry.
During the month, I will explore the Asian part of the world.
In the car, the sound of questions and welcomes was what I could hear.
My mom’s family was a very nice and greeting family.
Soon I will still come to see my grandfather.

It is awhile before I go see my grandfather.
We said good-bye to my mom’s family and left.
We are soon in my dad’s neighborhood to see his family.
When I actually visited the gravesite of my grandfather I start to cry.
I felt many tears and the sound of my deep breaths were what I could hear.
I felt like everything slowed including the world.

When I actually left me that is when I started to really think about my grandfather.
I started to cry about leaving my grandfather and my dad’s family.
So now, my grandfather has left the world and plane engines are what I can hear.

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